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Fire and Me

My fascination with Fire started early in my child­hood. Only much later I took fancy to other ele­ments and their inter­action with glow – this was my way to ceramics.

In my work I draw inspi­ration from a multitude of sour­ces, the most impor­tant ones to me being links to both archaic and modern visual art, forms I see around me, and – last but not least – pri­mitive firing methods. When I work with a piece of clay I often shape it – by hand – in a precise way. I put it then in raku or smoke fire to achieve some kind of balance between my hand's precision and spontaneity of Fire. The effects are often very surprising. My aspiration is to combine the right choice of material, the precision of my hand, and free experiment with fire, in order to create pieces of appealing beauty.

Gisella Codara